Amazing Tips To increase Domain Authority(DA) Of Your Domain


Hi Frnds, today i am going to share a valuable content with You..About Domain,Seo is the main part of it...Without good Seo Score a Website is tends to valueless.. today My discussion point is about to Domain Authority Which a important part of Seo Score..

what is domain authority?

Domain Authority is the measure of domain name strength & also measure of how a site appears in search engine result page(SERPs)..Mainly it is known as counter of the external incoming backlinks from search engine,social engine,others site which is pointing back to the site domain..
but the age of the domain name as well as the size of the website in terms of number of pages, affect domain authority.

DOMAIN AUTHORITY is important-why?

Domain Authority is much more important for a website..Because the Domain Authority Denotes the good content of the site & how worthy the site is..If your site has huge contents which have good and worthy..then in Search your domain has get more traffic and you may get good Domain Authority..Good Domain Authority Site get more & more Popular in the web..Moreover, webmasters would feel more inclined to link to your site and/or use it as a reference if it ranks high enough on the SERPs...

site age effects ?

Search engine prefer  a old domains more than new domains..Because a old site site have lot of high valuable content,Trustworthy  & Much more index page in search engine..for new domain Have limited content index..

popularity effect ??

when your site get a lot of incoming links from different source..Your site may get high Domain Authority..Moreover If your site is so popular then you may get high Domain Authority..

domain authority scored-how?

Domain Score is totally 100 is calculated by logarithmic scale..It is so easy to grow your score from 20 to 30..But difficult to grow 80 to 90..for 80-90 you have to do hard work..

how to check domain authority?

it's is very important to check your Domain Authority....Because if you want to get high rank then you have to do hard check daily.. here i have put 4 process to check your Domain Authority..Those Are:-
1.Google Toolbar 2. Open site Explorer 3. Mozbar 4., etc site..

how to increase DOMAIN AUTHORITY?

1.Put Valuable content
Very important for your site to put fresh content..Put high label content and most recently content in your the visitor search the content & visit your site ..forthis your site get more popular & more highly backlink..Moreover it is important for you to do as you much as you can to let search engines know that you can provide reliable and individual content which helps you to get high Domain Authority..

2.Guest Author
When you are a guest Author of a popular niche blog..then you may get visitors in your site..Because the visitors who visits your post of the popular niche blog then they knows about you,your content & your site..Next time they may visit your site to get fresh content...for this you get lot of traffic,your blog will popular in web & you get lot of backlink,then you may get high Domain Authority..

3.Social Media

Recently facebook,Twitter,Google Plus are the most populr in internet..So these are the best place to share your valuable content..If you write a article & share it in your social plugin then your friends see it & if it wil so interesting then they visit your this way your site will popular..

4.Youtube Account
Youtube also a media to get popularities...create a highly recommended video & upload in youtube..Write your site name in address place..if the visitor see your video & if it is interesting and likeable then the visitors visit your site to better known about it..

Visit popular niche site Daily..Put a describable comments with your site works as your is good for you that put your comments in News papers sites...

6.Blogger Directories

Blogger Directories is also a important for bloggers..million of blogger register their blog in varies Blog Directories..So Blog directories is a vast area for blogger...If You Register Your blog to popular Blog Directories them you may Get Many Blogger who visit your sites..Moreover Put Your Blog to Blog Directories which give You High Domain Authority..


  1. hey Salim! its very interesting article thank you so much for sharing a great info with us :)

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    1. Welcome@anonymous...Stay Connected with us..We will publish more valuable post..

  3. As the PageRank is not really matter during these day I guess we need to work on DA of a blog so that we might get awesome offers from advertisers. The tips you’ve shared about the increasing the DA are really helpful.
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  4. As the PageRank is not really matter during these day I guess we need to work on DA of a blog so that we might get awesome offers from advertisers. The tips you’ve shared about the increasing the DA are really helpful.

    1. Yes you are right. Now when we check our website through value calculator they also consider DA as a factor.