Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies In USA

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Road accidents and collision is a common problem in the USA, and a large number of people face these sorts of accidents. The number of accidents occurring in US is a matter of great concern. A collision results into the loss of property and even damages the vehicle and injures the person driving.  Auto Insurance is designed to cover the loss of the vehicle and financial liability that the owner faces. The insurance policy varies from region to region in all the 50 states in the United States as per the legal regulations. The minimum liability requirement is divided as Bodily injury (per individual) /Total amount of bodily injury Limit/Property Damage limit. 

auto insurance companies

It is compulsory to have auto insurance in most parts of the United States.  Some of the time people at fault in an accident may not be able to pay for the damage of the other person's car. While in the area such as New Hampshire, Virginia, Mississippi it is not necessary to have insurance 

There are various companies with online websites with the details about their Affordable auto insurance policies to encourage people indulging into insuring their vehicle as a safety measure. 

Details about Auto Insurances that You Need To Know:

You can check out the auto insurance quotes of various companies before settling to purchase the insurance. As different companies have different policies and offers. The policies are decided as per the model of the vehicle, age and gender of the driver, the driving history, the locality where the vehicle was driven.

Auto insurance is provided by various insurance companies Read the offer documents carefully before investing and opts for the appropriate insurance policy that is the best for you

There are a large number of auto insurance companies in every state offering best and affordable auto insurance services. Some offer discounts while in some companies you can pay an upfront premium or premium on a monthly basis. One should consider various factors before purchasing the insurance quotes. 

Top 10 Auto Insurance Providers in the US

GEICO: Government employee’s insurance company provides auto insurance in all fifty states of the nation. They offer outstanding customer services with least expensive policy.

Allstate: It is one of the top rated car insurance companies in us. There is a wide range of policy options for different customers. They provide four different packages so one can select as per their need.

AA Auto Insurance: American Automobile Association is associated with auto clubs. It is a nonprofit organization offering various facilities along with the auto insurance.

21st Century Insurance: Provides customers with a variety of insurance products. AIG is the world leader in financial services and insurance.

Nationwide: Is one of the largest financial organizations in the world and are most financially strong auto insurers in the US. They are known for the low-cost insurance options that they provide to their customers.

AIG: American International Group provides major savings compared to other insurance providers.

State Farm Insurance: State farm offers a great discount in their insurance policies.

Liberty Mutual:  A full-service company provides comprehensive auto policies at affordable rates. It is one of the top auto insurance companies in the US.

Progressive: It is a multi-dimensional company offering auto insurance and various other insurance policies.

Last Words

Select an appropriate policy offered by this various auto insurance companies and have a peaceful time without thinking much about the problems you might have to face if you get into a road accident someday. To be assured about your safety during travelling get your vehicles insured today itself.

Benefits of Online Early Childhood Education Degree Program

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During the early years, children are very active and tender. They easily catch up with whatever is taught to them and this knowledge is stored in them for a lifetime. The child grows up with various stages of development. Early childhood education degree can help in overall development and have lifetime effects . Choose an appropriate early childhood education degree program in which your child is nurtures in the best way and taken care of. 

Early Childhood Education

Benefits of Early Childhood Education 


This  early childhood education degree program is set up to make children active and to divert their energy in the right place with various workouts and sports. Therefore, the children can mix up among other children of their age group or similar age group.


The  benefit  of early childhood education can be seen in the health and behavior of the children. They will grow up in a lively atmosphere, which tends to make them happy. With the help of  various programs offered, the hidden talents of the children can be found out with ease.


A child will be successful only if he or she involves in learning or any work that is given to them. Extracurricular activities will help them to involve in the work. Early childhood education degree  will help you to build your child's strong base for their school.


Your child will be confident and bright in academic skills later during school period this all will be due to early childhood education. The preschools will train children to adopt healthy habits that will lead them to be disciplined and responsible in the near future. 


A healthy environment will allow children to open up easily, which will help them to be engaged conversations in appropriate age group. These conversations will not only improve their vocabulary, but will also bring progressive change in the language skills. 


These centers make children participate in playing games with rules, role playing acts with others. Such games will not only keep your child engaged, but will also divert its attention on good and important things.  Early childhood education will let your child mingle along with people easily and will know the importance of unity.


These preschool centers  will make your child interact which will ultimately result in  controlling  the grumpy behavior during childhood. The existing knowledge and skills of a child will be used to attain new skills and knowledge.


Early childhood education centers conduct activities such as reading aloud, group discussions, finger plays, singing, and dancing to develop fundamental skills in the child.


The cognitive skill involves creativity, imagination, problem-solving activities that will affect their  brain, making him/her attentive in works of life. 


The educational toys and games are  provided to attract the kids to indulge in various activities which would help the child to be eager  to discover new things  and will develop the learning process in them.


The exercise drills organized by the preschool will make them physically strong and functioning. It will make them fit and strong. These workouts may lead to increase in the appetite of the kids.

Last Words

The preschool helps the parents of this child to shape their individuality from the very beginning and make their children smart and intelligent.

Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Sites 2014

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Today is the age of smartphone and tablets. We use multiple devices- smartphones, laptop and tablets. Storing data in your desktop seems ancient. Cloud storage has broken our restrains, ensuring that all our files are available to us when and wherever we want them. There is an array of free cloud storage available in the market. You can upload your music and photos to cloud, share your document among various devices. We can all work in unison with free cloud storage available in the market.

cloud storage

Free cloud storage sites are great as it enables us to share files with family and friends. Sharing large files is now easier and we don’t have to worry about mail bouncing. We just need to share the link to the files stored. And there we go, hassle free sharing done.

 Choosing these free cloud storage providers depends on several factors like- preferred operating system, the space required and level of security. Here are to name few-


Since it is compatible with every operating systems along it is most widely used free cloud storage service. It has simple user interface making it the best free cloud storage provider. Dropbox gives 2 GB of free cloud storage to every user. You can increase you’re your capacity by simply referring to your friends. You can earn up to 16 GB like this.  You can edit documents, add photos and share them with your friends from anywhere


If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur BOX is the best free cloud storage for you. It provides you with 10 GB of storage for personal use absolutely free. Here you can upload files smaller than 250 MB. If you wish to store movies or large files, BOX is the right choice. It is secure and can work on any device. It works wonders for your business. You can save, edit and share the files at your will.


Google Drive is the heart of Google services. It offers 15 GB of free services. It is the best in its class. The storage space is shared amongst various services by Google. You can edit and share everything on the move. The interface is smart and very easy to navigate. It saves a duplicate folder on your desktop/laptop, which contains all the files that are r work. If you allow it to be shared the entire team of people can collaborate. 


One Drive was formerly known as Sky Drive. The app is available on android, iOS, Mac and Windows. You can upload your photograph. If you link OneDrive to your phone gallery you would get an additional 3 GB, thus enabling them to upload the photograph directly. It offers only 15 GB. Files and folders can be created on the web.  Social networks can also be linked with OneDrive web version.


After was shut down, MEGA was introduced as a free cloud storage provider. It provides 50 GB free cloud storage you can get additional storage capacity when you introduce Mega to your friends. Mega was made to protect your data from being stolen or being leaked


ADrive provides you with 50 GB of Cloud storage with personal accounts. You can edit, share and access your files online any time anywhere. It helps you in managing and backing up your files. It is convenient and reliable free cloud storage provider. 


Barracuda Networks have introduced for the first time free cloud storage for its users. Copy gives 15 GB free cloud storage along with 5 GB when you refer it to your friend. All your files are now in one place. It is compatible with all operating systems.


Bitcasa gives importance to the security of your data online. All the data stored here are encrypted and it is available for your use only. You can use 3 devices with Bitcasa as it offers 20 GB of free cloud storage to its users.


One of the many apps that lay emphasis on privacy, SpiderOak provides you with just 2 GB of storage you can increase it up to 10 GB storage when you refer it to your friends.


Hive not only provides you with unlimited storage space but also functions at torrent client. The files can be shared without downloading them. The files that are uploaded can only be seen and edited by only those which you choose.

Wrapping It Up

Here are the top 10 free cloud storages available in 2014. Before you choose any one of them, you must look into all of them and then decide the best free cloud storage that suits you.

How To Get A Small Business Loans for Women

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Do you want to start your own business and lead a stylish as well as an independent life? Then, fret not. You have multiple options how you can do so. There is a Govt based organization known as SBA. And the acronym stands for Small Businesses Administration, giving you independent business opportunities. The small business loans are exclusively meant for US citizens.

business loans for womens

Starting from offering you with a suitable educational qualification to run the industry until sanctioning a loan for the business, the non-profit organization does it all. The team at SBA also helps you get the right type of hire, for running the show. The team has a pool of talented youngsters, proficient in all walks of domain, the industry calls for.

Loan Program Eligibility

 Profit based

The entity you plan to start off, must be aimed at earning a reasonable level of profit through entirely legitimate means. You should not have any other motive, detrimental to the good of the society, while you plan to start one.

Size of the business

Before you want to engage in a plush business of your choice, you need to specify the size of the business, you plan to set up, including the square foot area where you are going to set up your shop floor. This is for the Govt to look into, before your loans are approved. The team at SBA also determines as to whether you stand eligible to get the loan approved or not. After all, small business loans for women would change your entire life style, isn’t it? So it is better, you follow up with the norms of starting your own business entity.

Within United States

You need to start the firm, within the boundaries of US and not have the firm located in any other country as such.

Reasonable equity

Before you approach the team for acquiring small business loans, you need to be backed up with sufficient amount of capital. You are going to be approaching a business lender who sanctions the loan amount with an optimal rate of interest. But you need to have at least 30-40% of the equity, so that the business lender is quite confident that you pay off your EMI’s on time.

Business loan calculator

Business loan calculator is an automated device which pre-empts the exact amount in the form of monthly installments, which would go off your bank account every month for a stipulated number of years. BLC (Business loan calculator) would be available with the lending agency, which approves your loan.

There are a couple of educational institutions in tie up with SBA (Small Business Administration, US Based), as such. These institutes empower you with the right knowledge and soft skills, which you need, to set up the industry base.

You can visit the official website, to know more on how the loans are granted, terms of re-payment so on and so forth. Avail small business loans for starting your own toy shop or an apparels showroom and you simply don’t have to work under a nagging boss, anymore!

Requirement and Essentials to Get Home Loans Approved

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Do you want to own a home in the heart of California or New York? Then you need to go all the way, to persuading your dreams. The first step in your never ending quest for choosing the right home is to find a seller who has accepted your offer. And he seems to be fine with your personal preferences, your needs and your budget. Then would you not take the first step towards building your dream home?

home loan interest rates

The documents you need before you approach a bank which lends you the home loans at a preferred rate of interest

You will need to provide the lender with the necessary documentation to help verify your employment history, creditworthiness and to access your overall financial situation. The document checklist is as follows:
  • W-2’s for the last 2 years
  • Recent pay slips (The pay slips need to be for two-three consecutive months)
  • Bank statements and investments if any, for last two months
  • Signed copies of tax returns- both personal as well as that of business
  • In case you are running your own business entity, you need to provide an updated copy of profit/loss account
  • A copy of sales deed, which has duly been signed by you.

Locking in interest rates

The home loan interest rates can change the moment you take up the home loans up until the time you plan to either close it or foreclose it, depending on your financial situation. In order to protect yourself from rising or fluctuating interest rates, you can opt to fix a pre-determined rate of interest. This is known as locking the interest rates.

The interest will be added to the corresponding principal amount divided by the number of years of the term loan. The amount arrived at will be automatically calculated by the home loan calculator, which is the sum that goes off your bank account month after month, until the loan amount is duly paid up. You can have a home loan calculator devised on your excel sheet to have a fair idea on the home loan commitments that need to be meted out by you, consistently every month.

Getting yourself pre-qualified

You can always opt to get yourself prepared before you actually plunge in for the house hunt. Being pre-approved measures an overall estimate on how much monthly commitments you can comfortably afford, to pay up your commitments on time, after deducting your other monthly household commitments like groceries, school fees for your kids, recreation expenses, etc. You can get yourself pre-qualified. Home loan pre-approval process can be done by the lender online at absolutely no extra charge. It is always better to gear up for the future than facing adverse consequences, isn’t it?

 How are your home loans getting approved?

When you submit your application to the underwriter to get the home loans sanctioned, he looks out for what is known as a Debt to income ratio. To calculate the same, you need to add up the projected monthly installment of the home loan plus other monthly commitments in terms of secondary loans, credit card payments, etc. Do not include your electricity bill or telephone bill while calculating debt to income ratio. When you have arrived at a specific figure, divide the same by your monthly pre-tax income. Lenders typically look for a ratio of 36% or below. But the ideal ratio is the one, which you can comfortably afford.

Home loan value, down payment ratios and your likelihood to repay the loan even in adverse economic conditions like recession are important considerations for the banker or underwriter to look into, before your coveted housing loan is sanctioned.

Dream big and build your own palatial villa!

Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners

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As a beginner, you would definitely be skeptical, on whether to invest money on forex trading or not. But there are a couple of customized and tailor made forex trading strategies, to make your life simpler. Let me take you through the same.

Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners

Get the basics right

Forex markets unlike other markets behave quite differently. Unlike shares and stocks, wherein you need to deal with multiple companies and products, FX trading is quite easy for you a get a hang on. The simple reason is Forex trading only deals with currencies. And there are about 8 pairs of trading currencies, which are commonly traded across the globe. US$, GBP, Euros and AUD are the commonly traded ones. So once you get a fair idea on how to deal with these currencies to the best of your ability, you are done with, crossing the ocean, mid-way.

The speed, volatility and the enormous size of the financial markets make FX trading uncontrollable. External and socioeconomic factors have negligent impact on forex. This makes it evident, that if you apply the forex trading strategies, in an effective way, success is all yours. And FX markets work 247, which can again be used to your advantage.

Risk Management

To effectively manage the capital you have put in, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Unexpected deviations in currency exchange rates
  2. How do you combat wild variations
  3. How to access volatility and take measures accordingly
  4. Lost payments
  5. Payments and receivables not confirmed on time
  6. Diverging prices between bank drafts received and contract price
These are stuff which every trader should be aware of, before and during transactions performed with forex trading. 

Know Forex rates

Before starting off, it is better you know the Forex rates, both the buying and selling prices of currencies. This is a very good strategy for the simple reason, that you will get a head on start while entering the trade.

Exit the Forex market at the right time

Limit orders are also called profit target orders, which are exiting the transactions on a pre- determined rate. Say for instance you have bought a Euro for $60, and the trading happens at a normal pace. And at a point of time when the Euro goes up to $65, you exit the transaction. You don’t wait for the Euro, to peak still further. And you place a stop order in advance, so that you don’t lose track. These are known as limit orders. Aim for desired level or an optimum level of profits and don’t be too greedy to earn the money, all at once.

Where do you need to ideally place stop orders or take away profits?

A trader needs to place a stop loss order closer to the opening price. This is among the most effective Forex trading tips, especially for a beginner. Where you want to place a stop loss order or place profit orders simply depends on your ability to take risks. Do not keep stop loss orders on a very narrow margin to the buying price. The volatility of the market triggers these kind of orders. Similarly, while you are opting to take profits or money from a transaction, expect modest gains and know the amount of time you need to hold a particular transaction. This makes sure the sale price doesn’t go below the buying price ending up in severe losses.

These effective Forex trading strategies can go a long way for a beginner to do well in the FX market. Use Meta trading 4 or 5 as viable platforms to enable a simpler and a more effective trading regime.

Pursue An Online Criminal Justice Degree To Stay Ahead In Life

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Earning an online criminal justice degree opens door to a wide avenue of opportunities. You can work as a sophisticated customs officer or in federal courts. You can work as a leading lawyer to support the criminal convicts and reduce the intensity/severity of punishments lashed out at them by courts. It can ruin their life once and forever. You appeal to the courts to lessen the degree of punishment on your potential client. This way, you are able to protect the integrity and support the humanitarian rights of clients who approach your door step.

online criminal justice degree

The other areas where you fit in include that of police officer, paralegals, probation officer, court clerk, private investigator, sheriff or a criminologist. Agencies which invite you to join a part of their firm include CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Immigration, Customs Enforcement, Coast Guard and US Marshalls.

You can select a suitable course from the multitude of online criminal justice degree programs available.

An overview of programs available

You can choose a suitable online criminal justice degree program from the list of programs available.
  • If you want to specialize in the field of Criminal law, you can aptly go in for a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Else you can go in for a complete comprehensive and integrated program on criminal law in the form of an Associate Fellowship program.
  • If Forensic Management or Crime Investigation is your cup of tea, then you can refer few online educational institutions which provide you with a Bachelor’s Degree on Forensic Management. You can also get into a secret detective agency, helping the Govt in catching hold of cold blooded criminals.
  • If you are working to support or defend cases of juvenile convicts, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Juvenile Justice.
  • If you want to serve the Govt. in its political divisions and want to aid the US govt. to prevent adverse cases on terrorism, you can go in for a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a degree on Criminal Justice. 

These are some of the major online criminal justice degrees available for you to choose from.

Affording an Education in Criminal Justice Degree Online

If you cannot afford to pay a hefty sum towards taking up a criminal justice degree programs through the on campus mode, you can opt to persuade the same degree online. But the fact is there is not much of a difference in the tuition fees you need to remit for persuading education through the campus or online. In this case, you can opt for a grant from the Govt. If you are good at sports, you can avail of a Sports quota. 

If you have displayed an outstanding academic performance both in high school as well as in Junior College i.e. your under graduate discipline, you can avail of a lucrative scholarship scheme to persuade your higher studies. You can complete your Bachelor’s degree on criminal justice from a leading on-campus university and opt for an online criminal justice master’s degree.

You can do a string of part time jobs to pay up for an online criminal justice associates program else you can secure yourself an honorary degree.

Some of the top class institutes which provide you with the best online criminal justice degree are as follows
  1. You can opt for an associate fellowship training program on criminal justice from the Indiana Wesleyan University.
  2. Florida Tech Online is an off shoot of Florida Institute of Technology. The online criminal justice curriculum is for a period of 20 months.
  3. Liberty University online is affiliated to the Christian University at Lynchburg, Virginia. The university has online student strength of 90,000 all over the globe.
  4. Campbellsville University is situated in Kentucky, which offers online programs on criminal justice.
You can apply for a prospectus from any one of the top 4 universities and gear yourself to the most enticing set of careers ahead of you.

Requirements To Pursuing Online Psychology Degree Programs

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In today’s busy world, students want to take up earning responsibilities much before they complete their high school or college. The main reason is the dire need for financial and social independence. You can have an enhanced purchasing power to buy the things you love.

Online Psychology Degree Programs

This means you are not in a position to attend your daily college. Hectic work schedules keep you bogged down from attending a regular university. Here comes the basic need for pursuing online education. If you are interested in pursuing a degree on psychology, you can go in for online psychology degree programs. 

Important factors To Earn online psychology degree programs.

There are 3 important factors which you need to look into if you want to know how to earn online psychology degree programs.

a) Accreditation

Look for whether the online course has an accreditation or recognition from Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). This is in case, you are pursuing an online psychology degree program in the States.

b) Time Management

If you want to pursue online education, you need to set time schedules all by yourself as to how many hours of study are you going to allocate on each subject, when you plan to complete assignments, so on and so forth. You need to be a disciplined and a self -motivated person, to be able to achieve the goal. An instructor is not physically around to keep pushed you forward. You also need to keep yourself abreast with latest technology. Blogging, instant messaging, able to use various tools on internet like Outlook Express and Photoshop, being able to send mailing attachments, etc.

c) Virtual library

The online curriculum involves you to go through well renowned authors in the field of psychology so that you develop different perspectives of handling a repetitive situation.

This helps you in your field of study as you come across dynamic patients who would be suffering from different psychological problems.

Some of the recommended courses by way of specialty

Social psychology- From among online psychology schools, you can opt for a BA Psychology (Bachelor’s Degree in Arts) else you can do a Master’s degree to dwell more on the subject, at an advanced level. Else you can specifically scout for an institute which specializes on providing students with an online social psychology degree.

Child Psychology- You can persuade an online Bachelor Degree program with an additional course curriculum on child advocacy or Child and Adolescent Psychology as a specialization to your regular course. Procuring a certificate on child development or on pediatrics will be equivalent to pursuing an online child psychology degree.

Clinical Psychology- You can either do a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s Degree, particularly on Clinical Psychology. This can earn you a viable clinical psychology degree online.

Educational Psychology- Persuading an MS on Counseling Psychology or a Doctorate degree in Counselor Education and Supervision will be an ideal option.

Forensic Psychology- You can opt for an MA degree on Forensic Psychology.

Health Psychology- An MA degree in Health and Wellness Psychology or a Doctorate on Clinical Specialization would be the apt courses you can go in for.

Best Universities that provide online Psychology Degree

Top 3 universities ranked for their prowess in providing you with best online psychology degree programs are

  1. Walden University
  2. California Southern University and 
  3. The Capella University

You can check out for online prospectus from these universities enquiring on tuition fees and suitable mode of study.